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Faithbook is not only one site but it is a federation of site that communicate together


Our values are based on Faith : A confidence and assurance Héb 11


You are free to choose a community you like, to create an account and to delete it. Your data belong to you.


Security is very important


If you like to talk to private contact, the communication is private.

Mutual aidTogether

Listen, talk, to help and encourage each other

  • More than a christian social network, you have a federation of site working together. You can communicate with every contact even on other sites.

  • Bible
    Faith is a treasor, I want to share with others

  • Your group, Church, community, mission or company can have a social site and belong to the federation.


Choose your home

If you don't have any federated account, you can join one of following sites.

Theres Life

Theres life

A Mastodon small christian instance. You can use english of french. The owner is the also building a bilical app Heb12


This is a place for English language folks interested in Catholicism to thrive. Anyone - Catholic or not - is welcome to join the discussion. Our only "rule" is to respect Christian values (so show civility towards each other, no NSFW content, etc.). Feel free to discuss topics outside our primary interest area whenever you wish. 198 users


A matrix / riot instance for instant messaging, chat, multiuser chat, audio and video chat and document exchange.

Kirche Social

Kirche Social is a free, digitally sustainable, social platform for the church as a community in German-speaking countries. It serves for the exchange of religious, Christian and church topics. is part of the LibreChurch project.

Online Lutherans

A zap instance for lutherans people or people interested in that religion.