What is the goal of Faithbook project

The goal is helping christians instances to be more visible. Fediverse allow people to be connected from all kind of instances but it allow to create community with each instances. Il you are christian and want to share messages with christian content maybe you will prefer to belong to a christian instance.

How to help the project now?

If you like to help, we are looking for someone to help us to maintain the database. Adding new instance, updating existing instances and deleting dead instances. If you are interested, Send a private message at @faithbook@sheep.network

How to help financialy

If you would like to help us financialy, you can click to donate for faithbook to Actocom . This will encourage us to continue and participate to the server fees. All work are volontary.

Is Faithbook open source / can I contribute code?

In the future it will be opensource and libre. Now the environment is not ready yet.