As you noticed the geant companies are controling the world today. We have all a smartphone and Google knows everythings about us. Even if you don't have anything to hide, you must be concerted by freedom, privacy and security.


We have simple tools of communication we can use. We can use our own servers instead of using Facebook, Tiktok or Instagram. Free software exists. Mastodon, Hubzilla or Pixelfed.


We can use this tool for anything. Some are publishing information about politics, about ecology or funny pictures. But the most important information for our life is in the Bible. Today in 2022 there are not many christians using the fediverse. Most of them stay in monolitic plateforme. we want to encourage the developpment of such tools for the Kingdom of God.


The first version was a static page, this second version is a step further. Creation of a dynamic directory. In the furure we want to add usefull tools like. Fresh information (if a site is down we must remove it) - possibility for a owner to add a site and update information. We will see where to go. Something simple and usefull.


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faithbook will be like a bridge with different instances. If you know a new instance or if you notice something to be updated, please send me a message. If you are moderator or owner of a christian instance follow and send information. If you don't want your instance listed send a message and tell us.