Deacon social

A respectful, loving, and diverse community of Christians of all traditions is a server intended for Christians of all backgrounds and faith traditions to build an inclusive and loving community. We do not all agree about everything, and we do not want this to be an echo chamber, but we will treat each other respectfully in the face of disagreement. Some of us are deconstructing/reconstructing. Some of us are struggling to find where we belong.
Members are expected to abide by the server rules at all times. Content that violates the server rules should be reported to the moderators. A violation of rules on this server will result in disciplinary action. Users from other servers who violate the rules of our community may be banned from this server and likely reported to the admin of their server as well.
The name deacon (διακονέω) means one who serves or "server," and since this is a server, and our goal is to serve each other, the name is doubly appropriate. Supporting the server
We have an Open Collective for We use this service to track the expenses incurred for operating the server. Contribution is completely optional, but if you enjoy using this server, we would appreciate you giving back!